Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gas Chamber Bound Jews Free speech?

Gas Chamber Bound Jews Free speech?

Gas Chamber Bound Jews love to insult and abuse anyone without nay fear of prosecution! However, they are not even capable to answer a simple question without using offensive languages! Not only that they have murdered our free speech by removing this question below too!

Can You Answer Clearly Without Any Insult or Abuse?

Yahoo Q and A

Judaism is not a religion as they broke their covenant with God and Moses.

Jewish is not a race and they mixed with almost every races and lost that uniqueness to be recognize as race.

For example Arabs, Mongols, Saxons, Germanic, … are race. British is not a race. American is not a race.

These ungrateful and arrogant Jews also making mockery of Gaza victims! Their cruel mockery generated appropriate reply like the one below.

Ungrateful decedents of Jews! Hitler used to feed Jews too. Have you forgotten? Have you lived on air, lying and ungrateful Jews!?

Why do you have to maim and murder Palestinians for the last sixty years? Why are you robbing their lands?

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