Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do You Call It Witch-hunt or Muslim Hunt?

Do You Call It Witch-hunt or Muslim Hunt?

If Raja Khan is guilty then we all are guilty of some crimes. I have given cash or otherwise to many individuals and groups, known and unknown to me, due to genuine and humanitarian reasons and grounds.

Then again UK jailed one 16 year old kid for collecting evidence and pictures of terrorising Muslims all over the world. Another 18 year old also went to jail in UK with much more fanfare for similar reasons. None of them were implicated with arms or any violent activities! (BBC Radio via 630 AM, Sydney - Saturday, 10 April 2010).

In Australia too, they have demonised, terrorised and imprisoned a 17 year old Zeky Mallah who lost his mum and dead within a period of four weeks time in 2001. Lonely kid, used to go to mosque and spoke emotionally. The Zionist media used to have a ball with him and the zionised administration used him to the hilt for their own existence! After all of those witch-hunt and euphoria, the court found he is not guilty of anything and he is incapable of harming anyone too! Would you believe seven anti-Terrorism cases are not really convincing too!

Excerpt from taxi list:
Mike Foulks on April 5, 2010 1:18 PM
If Khan is such a dangerous "terrorist financer" and the all-knowing all-powerful authorities had him under such damning surveillance, WHERE ARE ALL HIS CO- DEFENDANTS? THERE ARE NONE!!! Why? Because this entire case is a witch hunt with a desperate need of a witch...which was fulfilled by manipulating Raja Khan to accept cash, presumably and unverifiably for "Al Qaida", if he only says the magic words "Osama bin Laden". I got news for you. I am a cabdriver. If some fool wants to give me a $1000 tip if I promise to deliver it to Ilyas Kashmiri or whoever they designate, and I mean anybody...I AM TAKING THAT FOOLS' MONEY and whistling Dixie. Especially if they promise me more cold hard cash in the future. The government didn't catch any bogeyman. They're just trying to make Raja Khan into one. They found a sucker. I don't know how these FBI guys and U.S. Attorneys will be able to sleep at night if they persist in this persecution of a good man they provoked, enticed, and trapped.
Mike Foulks on April 5, 2010 12:35 PM
Here's a challenge to the Government who has the burden of proof before they essentially end this good man's life: PUBLICLY REVEAL ALL OF THE EVIDENCE AGAINST RAJA KHAN, EVERY NOTE, EVERY TAPE, FROM START TO FINISH. Then we can see just how "agents provocateurs" really act these days. Note to true investigative journalists: Why not go down to 630 S. Dearborn and have a talk with the American Friends Service Committee's Mike McConnell or his employee Prateek Sampat and ask them how they came to worm their way beside a guy a like Raja Khan with their so-called "TWO Project"? Ask them about the CPTDA and the UTCC while your at it. It should be illuminating conversation.Mr. Tang from Chicago

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