Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you call it promiscuity for virginity?

The dead Arabs pay the price for living Jews (?).

The living Arabs pay the price for dead Jews (?)

The Jewish (?) Museum of tolerance is based on pure INTOLERANCE!

Do you call it promiscuity for virginity?

Jewish museum to be built on Arab graveyard

  • By Sheera Frenkel
  • From: NewsCore
  • February 12, 2010 10:23PM

JERUSALEM families are pleading with the UN to help stop construction of a Jewish museum on the site of the ancient Muslim cemetery of Mamilla.

The Times of London

Dyala Husseini-Dajani and her husband, who belong to two of the oldest Arab families in Jerusalem, point to the areas where their ancestors are buried.

Soon, she fears, there will be nothing left of the burial plot as the entire area is earmarked for demolition to make way for a new Museum of Tolerance, a £160 million ($283.7 million) complex sponsored by a US-based Jewish rights organisation, the Simon Weisenthal Centre.

"How can they not see the irony of this so-called Museum of Tolerance?" Husseini-Dajani asked.

She has joined 60 other members of longstanding Jerusalem families to sign a petition to the UN Special Rapporteur's office on freedom of religion.

They want the UN to put pressure on Israel to stop construction there.

"What the UN can do is limited but they can investigate and raise awareness," said Diana Buttu, a lawyer involved with the petition.

"We have exhausted all our other legal means."

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Weisenthal Centre, has defended the decision to build the museum, stating that the complex will promote coexistence.

"All citizens of Israel, Jews and non-Jews, are the real beneficiaries of the site," he said.

Palestinians claim that the project is a land grab, aimed at destroying evidence of Arab claims to west Jerusalem.

"This is my history, my family, everything," said Husseini-Dajani.

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